Willis Towers Watson

As you will be aware Towers Watson (TW) has, of late, been administering our Bank Retirement Fund and pension. The Bank has now also outsourced to them welfare services to pensioners’ clubs like ours, including:

  • Supporting pensioner clubs and maintaining records,
  • Supporting welfare officers,
  • Issuing the pensioners’ club newsletter. This is not the same as our own newsletter – The Link,
  • Administration of grants awarded from the Spread Eagle Foundation.

The Barclays pension website has been discontinued and replaced by Willis Tower Watson’s electronic Pensions Administration one (ePA) version, found at 

This will mean all pensioner related information will be in one place and more regular updates.

You will need to be registered for this, by contacting Willis Towers Watson by phone at 01737 227567 or at

There is now a dedicated Welfare Helpline 01737 273149, as well as a new email address:

Internet security

Do you have an effective security package on your computer – one that stops both viruses and spam (unsolicited mailings)?

Or perhaps you have an old one that you are not happy with, or haven’t updated for yonks, because you have to pay or you don’t know how to do it?

Are you interested in getting for FREE, including updates for 12 months, the currently best-of-breed internet security package (as recommended by PC Pro magazine)? If so you can – from Barclays (if you are an online banking customer) via a download.

If you follow the following instructions it should be a piece of cake:

  1. Log on to Personal Banking (if you can master the new PINSentry machines doing this should be a doddle),
  2. On the left, under Interested In, click on the Kaspersky Offer link. This will take you to a page on Kaspersky’s own website where you will have to register i.e. give them your name, email address and online banking membership number. Before you do so I suggest that you check, at the bottom of the page, whether your computer is capable of running this modern, resource-hungry package. If you don’t meet the minimum criteria, e.g. you are still running Windows 2000 or even earlier, this is NOT for you.
  3. If you are going ahead, follow the instructions on that page and download the Kaspersky software. Its size is c. 32mb so will take some time if you are not on a decent broadband connection.
  4. Install the software by double-clicking on the file (you did make a note of where you downloaded it to, didn’t you? Note: At this point it is important to disable any existing anti-virus or internet security programs that you are running e.g. Norton, McAfee or ZoneAlarm etc. because, like all other such packages, Kaspersky objects to the presence of them and often reports them as evildoers. This is not just them being negative about their competitors – all these packages get deep ‘into the guts’ of your computer and hence behave a bit like viruses do themselves. Under no circumstance should you just delete all the files that you think relate to the old package. This does not work. It just makes life more complicated.
  5. To remove any previous packages either
    1. Use the package’s own Uninstall option, which you should find under All Programs on the Start Menu, or
    2. Again from the Start Menu, go to the Control Panel and select the Add or Remove Programs option, Scroll down until you find the no-longer- required program, and Click on the Remove button.
  6. Allow Kaspersky to ‘phone home’ and get itself bang up to date for your optimum protection. It is happiest on a broadband connection so it can check regularly.
  7. Job Done!

Barclays has renewed the arrangements with Kaspersky so, at the end of the year, you will be invited to renew.

£ 4 £ Scheme for Pensioners

According to the Barclays in the Community Investment team this scheme (which was renamed as Barclays GivingForce several years ago) was closed to new members in 2013. Pensioners who were previously registered may continue to apply for funding up to a maximum of £750. For the rest of us, it’s too late.

Northern Lunch

Once a year we lay on a lunch for ‘Our Friends in the North’. If you live north of Mansfield and are interested please get in touch via the Contact Us page and selecting Northern Lunch as the subject.

This year’s Northern Lunch, although not well supported in 2010, will again be run this year. As last time it will be held at the Masonic Hall, Headingley, Leeds on Wednesday 21st September.