Are you having difficulty getting in touch with the right person at Barclays? At our request the Bank has provided us with a couple of documents, that can be downloaded from this page:

The are PDFs (Portable Document Format) that open with Adobe Reader. Almost all computers already have this FREE software installed. If not you can download Adobe Reader from hereBeware and make sure you “uncheck” the otional offers as these may cause conflicts on your PC.

Although these are both useful when printed they also contain many hyperlinks which take you straight to the correct page on the various Barclays websites. So we suggest that, if possible, you try them online first.

Other links

“Sorry, YOUniquely Barclays is not available to deferred pensioners”

For information on Barclays’ pension provisions and investment advice sign in to the ePA site administered by Willis Towers Watson – see below.

For Matched Fundraising. Note: To apply you have to register using your pensioner number and email.

Replaces the You at Work scheme. Note: To apply you have to register and supply your email address.

Willis Towers Watson

As you will be aware Towers Watson (TW) has, of late, been administering our Bank Retirement Fund and pension. The Bank has now also outsourced to them welfare services to pensioners’ clubs like ours, including:
  • Supporting pensioner clubs and maintaining records,
  • Supporting welfare officers,
  • Issuing the pensioners’ club newsletter. This is not the same as our own newsletter – The Link,
  • Administration of grants awarded from the Spread Eagle Foundation.

The Barclays pension website has been discontinued and replaced by Willis Tower Watson’s electronic Pensions Administration one (ePA) version, found at

This will mean all pensioner related information will be in one place and more regular updates.

You will need to be registered for this, by contacting Willis Towers Watson by phone at 01737 227567 or at

There is now a dedicated Welfare Helpline 01737 273149, as well as a new email address:

We are pleased to confirm that the improvement in the password reset functionality for the ePA website is now live. As mentioned in the 2020 newsletter, the Trustee and the Barclays Team at Willis Towers Watson have listened to UKRF member feedback that password resets can be frustrating and cumbersome, and the new automated process will operate to speed up password resets.

The new password reset process can be accessed from the login page ( and is known as the “Account Recovery service”.

In order to protect your account, you will be asked to verify your identity using details from your passport or driving licence. This will enable this stage of the password reset process to be carried out quickly and securely online. Please note that the details provided will be used for identification, and then securely deleted; neither the Trustee nor the UKRF administrator, Willis Towers Watson, will retain this information or use it in any way other than to reset the password. The information may be disclosed to a registered credit agency to confirm your identity. This will not affect your credit rating, but it will leave a soft ‘footprint’. If you are uncomfortable doing this, you will still be able to reset your password by contacting the Barclays Team.

Note that the Barclays requirement to reset passwords every three months remains in place.

Please share this information with your Club members. In particular, please reassure them that the request for passport or driving licence details is a genuine part of the process, and is not a scam.

Internet Security

Do you have an effective security package on your computer – one that stops both viruses and spam (unsolicited mailings)?

Barclays Bank no longer provides free internet security software for users of online banking. Unfortunately that means you will have to pay for an internet security package or use a free one.

Avast is Free

The software is completely free and, in terms of virus protection, is sufficient for most users. The free version is designed for personal use and offers the same level of protection as the paid 'Pro' version of the software.

£ 4 £ Scheme for Pensioners

According to the Barclays in the Community Investment team this scheme (which was renamed as Barclays GivingForce several years ago) was closed to new members in 2013. Pensioners who were previously registered may continue to apply for funding up to a maximum of £750. For the rest of us, it’s too late.